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Quantem Analytics (Quantem) offers a software solution that enables researchers to quantify analytes without analytical standards, even in retrospective analysis. Their technology delivers quantitatively comparable results across different instruments and laboratories, revolutionizing the field of mass spectrometry analysis. By eliminating the need for analytical standards, Quantem Analytics streamlines the analysis process and empowers researchers to make informed decisions with confidence.

What challenges did Quantem face?

The Quantem team needed a managed, low-effort and efficient platform to run both pre-production and production services. Workloads should be isolated from each other and there should be an option to deploy workloads if necessary on other platforms (public clouds, on-premise) based on customers requirements. As the workloads do not run 24/7, it was important to make it possible to scale workloads up and down based on the actual need. As the Quantem in-house team does not have dedicated platform engineers, the solution should require as few management activities as possible. At the same time the solutions still need to be kept up-to-date and secure.

What was the solution?

Mooncascade suggested an approach for the AWS Organization setup and AWS Services for Quantem workloads. The agreed-upon solution was collaboratively implemented with the Quantem IT team following Infrastructure-as-Code principles. Since the start of the project, platform costs were under attention in order to ensure an efficient solution meeting Quantem’s expectations.

AWS Organizations setup is used to isolate environments into the dedicated AWS accounts, while having a central view of costs and user management. The use of Elastic Container Service (ECS), Fargate, Relational Database Service (RDS) and Simple Storage Service (S3) make the deployment and management of containerized applications simple and cost-efficient. Terraform is used to deploy and maintain AWS services. AWS Security Services, including AWS Config and Security Hub, keep track of assets, change history and give instant feedback against meeting requirements set by security standards.

The results

The Quantem product team deals with developing, deploying and maintaining services as the underlying platform is based on managed services which require only slight attention on an ongoing basis. In addition, ECS takes care of auto scaling which helps decrease costs. AWS Security Hub gives instant feedback in case the architecture or configuration do not meet security requirements.

Mooncascade's expertise enabled us to set up an AWS account compliant with the highest security standards and best practices, all while remaining cost-effective. The resulting setup requires minimal maintenance, freeing our product team to concentrate on product development efforts that add value for customers. Mooncascade's proficiency in understanding AWS options and tailoring selections and configurations to specific requirements has proven them to be a valuable partner.

Dr. Jaanus Liigand, Co-founder

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