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troy is a german fintech that leads the shift of debt collection into a new era. With a friendly and customer experience (CX) driven approach, they create value for customers, business clients and partners alike. The troy_platform is data-driven, facilitates real omnichannel communication and highly personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

Their “troy_experience” has been awarded multiple times and evolved to being Europe's CX-leader in debt collection. This is done by combining cutting-edge technology with decades of debt collection experience and best practices of CRM.

The unique customer-friendly approach helps to keep valuable clients and recover outstanding balances more successfully compared to market-leading debt collection agencies.

What was the challenge?

The troy_platform is a highly complex ecosystem with multiple portals, respective UIs and APIs; each with different audiences and user-groups, ranging from internal agents, business users and end-customers.

While growing the business and onboarding new clients, troy had to maintain, build and improve these multiple portals in parallel for which they needed extra resources. Mooncascade has contributed to troy’s portals with front-end and back-end development, whilst consulting and offering technical expertise to find the best solutions. When building the portals the focus has been on a sleek and modern design, but equally importantly a secure, trustworthy and stable high-quality product as the technology lays the foundation for helping people in a delicate situation.

What was the solution?

Mooncascade helped to accelerate the process of launching, building, and improving troy’s UI portals. Having laid a foundation of mutual trust, sharing a common set of values and working styles, we evolved into a combined and bespoke troy-Mooncascade team working tightly together with enthusiasm and dedication towards the product and the team.

What were the results?

The effort and focus that has been put into delivering the best customer experience has been noticed as troy won 2 Gold awards at the International Customer Experience awards in 2021. In daily work, the shared motivation fuels the team by being focused on getting things done while enjoying the work as the cherry on top. Significant business growth and customer satisfaction with the platform underline the positive impact of the joined effort.


“The team at Mooncascade has made a big impact on our growth and product. Together, we continue to drive a major positive shift in how customers perceive debt collection. Their team always has worked and contributed on a highest professional level, while being genuinely great people who power through in order to contribute to our vision. We thank you big time.”

Fabian Wolf, Director of Brand & Customer Experience

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