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Whether going through the first phase of mapping out the MVP or developing a back-end for your core product, our team is ready to support you with expert UX/UI design, software development, and cloud modernization.

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Considering the complexity of our business logic, getting our mobile presence implemented hasn't been an easy task, but Mooncascade has done a good job achieving it. It is clear that they are a team of experienced and professional developers, and we are glad to continue the partnership with them.

Wise | Taavet Hinrikus, CEO and Co-founder

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Mooncascade helped us scale a critical team very quickly. The engineers onboarded at an amazing pace and were contributing at the level of our internal engineers. It shows the experience and professionalism of the engineers at Mooncascade.

Solaris | Ingmar Krusch, VP Engineering

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Our scooter business was growing very fast – we quadrupled the size of our scooters fleet in Tallinn within a month. You can imagine the strain this puts on the back office. Mooncascade helped us develop the Charger app – our scooters back-office and warehouse management app.
Mooncascade team was proactive and put a lot of effort into quick onboarding, they even took the time to visit the warehouse to understand our real-life processes better. A friendly co-operation in every sense.

Bolt | Petr Reshetnikov, Staff Software Engineer

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“The team at Mooncascade has made a big impact on our growth and product. Together, we continue to drive a major positive shift in how customers perceive debt collection. Their team always has worked and contributed on a highest professional level, while being genuinely great people who power through in order to contribute to our vision. We thank you big time.”

troy | Fabian Wolf, Director of Brand & Customer Experience

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“Mooncascade has been supporting our development team with mobile development, allowing our internal team to focus on building the core platform. Mooncascade has been a reliable partner, taking initiative and ownership of their work.”

Glia | Carlos Paniagua, CTO at Glia

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How do we work

Strategic approach

We’re not just a one-off vendor, but a long-term partner to all our clients. Through close collaboration, we’ll transform your ideas into a fully viable product. We kick things off by looking at your current challenges and setup, before creating a roadmap based on clear goals and success criteria.

Full transparency

Just like an in-house team member would do, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our 1-2 week sprints and daily status updates allow you to track the progress and get all questions or concerns out in the open. We don’t just share successes but speak openly about any bumps in the road.

Innovative solutions

Bridge any knowledge gap with our experts, so you can focus on your core business. Collaborating with us ensures that you automatically get the latest knowledge within UX, UI, software development, and our core competence - FinTech. And if we don’t know it? We’ll gladly look for the best answer on your behalf.

Dedicated product team

With Mooncascade, you’ll get a multi-disciplinary team that’s fully dedicated to building quality products. From project managers, to QA or UX specialists, to software developers. We pride ourselves on being a team with huge motivation and clear workflows set in place to execute any challenge given to us.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Our products are always built with clear goals in mind, and we’re thoughtful of your budget and runway. It’s important to us that you always feel comfortable with the direction we’re going in. That’s why we prioritize constant communication to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Nothing stands in the way of great ideas becoming a reality.

Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end solution or a natural extension to your existing in-house setup — we’ve got you covered! Let us know what you need help with and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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