For startups who want to scale, and scaleups who want to diversify.

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  • Strategy & Workshops

    Our hands-on workshops help you to lay the groundwork for turning your great ideas into products that are user- and revenue-driven.

    • Product Development (1 day)

    • MVP Development (2 days)

  • UX / UI Design

    Mooncascade creates products that not only work flawlessly and maximize your business value, but are also loved by your customers.

    • UX Research

    • UX/UI Design

    • Usability Testing

  • Mobile App Development

    Our experienced developers will ask all the right questions, set priorities, and build high-performance mobile solutions that fit your existing tech setup.

    • Native iOS development (Swift)

    • Native Android development (Kotlin)

    • Cross-platform development (React Native & Flutter)

  • Web & Back-End Development

    You bring the challenges and ideas, we’ll build solutions reliable and scalable for any OS, browser, or device. (And we’ll of course provide support for the delivered product afterward.)

    • Front-end development (TypeScript, React and more)

    • Back-end development (Golang, Python, Node.js)

    • Cloud-native architecture

  • Google Workspace

    Officially recognized by Google as specialists of Workspace, we will help you set up your Google Workspace so you can optimize collaboration, communication, and productivity in your company and get the most out of the functionalities.

    • A secure, real-time, and intuitive collaboration platform

    • Gold standard and comprehensive data security

    • Use of Intelligent features like Smart Reply

    • Access to Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Docs, and more for all your employees from any location or device

  • Platform Modernization with GCP

    As an official Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner, our team of platform modernization experts help you design, build, and maintain cloud application environments, leveraging the benefits of Google Cloud Platform. GCP offers unparalleled scalability, reliability, and cutting-edge AI capabilities, which will optimise your business for the cloud era, and will let you focus on your products and clients.

    • Governance

    • Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

    • Container Platform Development

    • Database Consultation and Maintenance

    • Serverless Service Development

    • Security

  • Platform Modernization with AWS

    As an official AWS Partner, we can design and build a smooth and secure cloud-based environment for all your services, leveraging the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides the most extensive and flexible cloud computing platform available with robust security and a global network of data centres.

    • Governance

    • Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

    • Container Platform Development

    • Database Consultation and Maintenance

    • Serverless Service Development

    • Security

  • AWS Well-Architected Review

    Get expert insights and actionable recommendations to optimize your cloud workloads for enhanced performance, security, reliability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability. We will ensure you make the most of your AWS services while aligning your setup with the best practices.

    • Operational Excellence

    • Security

    • Reliability

    • Performance Efficiency

    • Cost Optimization

    • Sustainability

Mooncascade Our Approach

The Mooncascade Process

From strategy to design and development

Agility is key to maintaining our consistent track record within software development, as well as ensuring that we always deliver high-quality products at an efficient pace.

The Scrum approach is at the heart of our processes, combined with a genuine passion for products and the desire to see our clients win. We’re with you every step of the way, building the blocks, making adjustments, and helping you reach your goals.

Nothing stands in the way of great ideas becoming a reality.

Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end solution or a natural extension to your existing in-house setup—we’ve got you covered! Let us know what you need help with and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.