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So who are we really?

About Mooncascade: why we are here

Mooncascade was founded in 2009 by four software engineers with a passion for high-quality coding. Despite starting out during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, they trusted in their skills and challenged themselves to work on the most cutting-edge projects they could take on. Today, Mooncascade is a leading advisory, design, and software development company with a global reach. Our skilled team provides outstanding quality at every stage of the software product development process, helping clients build innovative solutions that inspire, disrupt, and challenge markets across the world.

We don’t just deliver products. We deliver impact.

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And some more about Mooncascade: what matters to us


If there’s one thing we want you to learn about Mooncascade, it’s how highly we value being honest, humble, and fair. We tell it like it is. We act thoughtfully and purposefully, and we’re always there to support our coworkers and customers no matter what problems they face. At Mooncascade, we constantly challenge ourselves and our business partners to aim for the very best results.


We are kind, generous, and thoughtful, striving for harmony, mutual support, and cooperation. We do our best to prepare in advance and anticipate the needs of others. We see ourselves as part of a team rather than as a collection of individuals, and we certainly go the extra mile for our clients and colleagues.


Mooncascade team members are open, creative, and agile. We look at the world from different angles, explore new ideas and try new approaches. We walk the paths that others dare not take. No mountain is too high, no challenge too big. We’re constantly exploring.


You should also know about Mooncascade’s respect for excellence and mastering a trade. We pay attention to detail and definitely sweat the small stuff - always aiming to do the best work of our lives and supporting others in doing the same. We take on tasks and responsibilities with drive and presence and we’re always trying to learn new ways to work even better.


Mooncascade refreshes its visual brand identity.

Mooncascade Team

Our Awards

Mooncascade has been recognized in the following ways

In 2013, 2014, and 2015, Mooncascade was honored with a prestigious Gazelle award for showing an outstanding ability to maintain rapid and sustainable growth.

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Mooncascade Team

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