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Bolt, previously known as Taxify, is the leading European transportation platform providing mobility services. With its 25 million passengers in more than 40 countries, the company’s mission is to make urban travel easier, quicker, and more reliable.

What challenges did Bolt face?

Bolt added electric scooter rental to their services to provide a solution for short trips. Bolt needed a back-office app to manage their fleet of scooters that had to be charged every night, repaired if needed, and redistributed to designated spots in the mornings.

What was the solution?

The project kicked off with thorough user research by visiting the warehouse where the scooters were maintained. This enabled the Mooncascade team to have a much better understanding of the users’ needs. We delivered the features in small batches which, one by one, started contributing to reducing the cost and waste of time. Once the teams at Bolt were ready to take over, we had a 2-month handover period to their internal team and remained available to them even after that.

Partnership value

By providing an experienced product team to Bolt, they were able to focus their in-house resources on other priorities. Thanks to the app, the everyday tasks of scooter rentals are now done quicker and with less hassle.

Bolt Scooter App
Bolt Scooter App 2

Our scooter business was growing very fast – we quadrupled the size of our scooters fleet in Tallinn within a month. You can imagine the strain this puts on the back office. Mooncascade helped us develop the Charger app – our scooters back-office and warehouse management app.
Mooncascade team was proactive and put a lot of effort into quick onboarding, they even took the time to visit the warehouse to understand our real-life processes better. A friendly co-operation in every sense.

Petr Reshetnikov, Staff Software Engineer

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