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Eesti Loto is Estonia's national lottery operator, established to organize various games of chance, contributing to social welfare through funding public projects and initiatives. It offers diverse lottery options, including traditional draws and instant games, engaging citizens in entertainment while supporting societal development through its charitable endeavors.

What challenges did Eesti Loto face?

The Eesti Loto IT team wanted to reduce routine platform management activities in order to maximize impact to specific business goals as well as make sure every security aspect in the regulated business is covered.

What was the solution?

Mooncascade suggested an approach for deploying Eesti Loto services on Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with a robust security framework to satisfy stringent security standards and Infrastructure-as-Code principles. Subsequently, the agreed-upon solution was collaboratively implemented with the Eesti Loto IT team.

Elastic Container Service (ECS)  simplifies the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications. Terraform is used to deploy and maintain AWS services. AWS Security Services, including AWS Config and Security Hub keep track of assets, change history and give instant feedback against meeting requirements set by security standards.

The results

The Eesti Loto IT team can now focus on developing, deploying and maintaining services as the underlying platform is based on managed services which require only a slight attention. In addition, ECS takes care of auto scaling which helps to decrease costs. AWS Security Hub gives instant feedback in case architecture and configuration do not meet security requirements.

Our journey to AWS, enhanced by our partner's expertise, made transitioning to a DevOps model and owning our infrastructure seamless. Their vast cloud knowledge, comparative insights, and exceptional support and response quality have been invaluable. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to leverage cloud technologies efficiently.

Timo Raud, Chief Technology Officer

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