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Masabi provides a Plug and Play Fare Payment Platform to transport providers around the globe. Masabi is leading the movement away from closed legacy fare collection systems by delivering Fare Payments-as-a-Service. They are powering the latest ticketing innovations quickly and cost-effectively through their open platform, enhancing equity and revolutionising the passenger experience from A to B. Their platform, Justride, allows passengers to use a mobile phone, contactless bank card, or smartcard and simply tap to travel.

What challenges did they face?

Masabi has built a complex ecosystem with multiple products and applications that have white-label support, customizable UIs, and extensive APIs used by literally millions of end users every day. While growing the business and onboarding new clients, Masabi needs to maintain, build, and improve their products in parallel for which they need extra resources.

What was the solution?

Mooncascade has helped Masabi create several customer-specific extensions to their platform over the last 12 years. Examples include developing their end-user ticketing mobile applications, customer web portal, different back-end services, a Java SDK to enable the reading of tickets from an ITSO specification smartcard (the UK’s national ticketing smartcard scheme), and an Android app for ticket inspectors that uses the SDK to verify that appropriate tickets are present on a passenger’s card.

Partnership value

Mooncascade has helped Masabi maintain their ability to scale and develop their product during a rapid growth phase. We have built new features in their platform that have enabled Masabi to extend their product offering, move into new markets and client sectors.

Mooncascade has been our preferred partner since 2011. For our company, it is extremely important to let our internal team focus on the core API-driven platform, whilst being flexible enough to handle customer-specific needs around the world on top of those APIs.
Mooncascade has proven itself a reliable and trustworthy partner, not only providing high-quality engineering but also feedback and product thinking to help us solve these different challenges.

Tom Godber, CTO & Co-founder

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