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Jobbatical is on a mission to help the world work together. By building high-end relocation technology and working closely with governments to fix their immigration processes, they enable companies to hire the best talent regardless of where they’re from. The Jobbatical team consists of over 100 people working from all over the world.

What was the challenge?

Jobbatical is a fast-growing startup with an international team. To enable future growth, it is crucial to have efficient collaboration, including meetings and documents. The solution must be simple to use, secure, enable cooperation with partners and support remote work. As users use multiple devices, there should not be dependencies on specific device models and operational systems.

What was the solution?

Mooncascade helped to identify Google Workspace features for smooth and secure collaboration, defined necessary improvements, guided Google Workspace configuration, and provided training for the Jobbatical team.
The solution consists of three pillars: starting using Shared Drives for company documents, hardening security (i.e. mandatory Multifactor Authentication, Endpoint Verification in Chrome browser, and other suggestions based on Google best practices), and improving Google Workspace related skills (Calendar, Drive, Docs).

What were the results?

Company documents are moved to the Shared Drives and are easily shareable. Information leakage risk is reduced as employee identities are protected with Multifactor Authentication and documents are accessible only on trusted devices. Increased Google Workspace skills have improved collaboration and employee satisfaction in general.

Google Workspace configuration for Jobbatical

"The Mooncascade team has been extremely helpful in guiding us to leverage everything Google Workspace and Cloud Platform have to offer. They have been great advisors to turn to when we have doubts about which paths to take with our setup to maximize security and productivity."

Ronald Hindriks, Co-Founder, Jobbatical

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