Cutting-edge tech solutions: from geofence-based mobile apps to microservice-based back-end solutions

​​TUNE delivers mobile marketing solutions that help today’s marketers and their partners manage their marketing campaigns, engage the audiences they need, and optimize their performance.

Long-term Partnership with Tune

Mooncascade has been working with TUNE since 2015, delivering various solutions alongside their R&D team and working on their core products.

The projects we’ve built together have varied over the years, from geofence-based mobile apps to microservice-based back-end solutions. With TUNE, we’ve always had the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technologies and approaches, including.

A microservice-based solution

A microservice-based solution written in Golang and Python, running in Docker containers in AWS, already back in 2016.

Front-end solutions

Different front-end solutions, that were based on React and early alpha versions of Redux already in 2015.


Combining machine learning, natural language processing, and Slack integration by creating a chatbot.

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