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  • Coinmetro


  • FinTech


  • Mobile App Development


  • UI/UX Design

  • Backend development (Node.JS)

  • Android and iOS mobile applications (React Native)

Coinmetro is a crypto pioneer with a focus on creating new and more accessible financial markets. Not just an exchange, Coinmetro is striving to build something truly new. A platform which houses a wide range of crypto and financial services - a real Metropolis, which is inclusive and highly accessible with a thriving community and their own token XCM.

What was the challenge?

Coinmetro turned to Mooncascade to rewrite the existing mobile app to meet the needs of the community by adding all existing capabilities of the platform to the mobile version. A rapidly growing user base and high demand put pressure on the team to release the first new version of the app as soon as possible, time to market was the first challenge to conquer for the team.

With the ever changing nature of decentralized financial markets and to support Coinmetro’s fast growth, additional backend force was also added from Mooncascade to maintain the existing codebase and to add new features and integrations to it.

What was the solution?

After the first analysis part gathering needed requirements and giving the app a new fresh UI/UX design, Mooncascade together with Coinmetro prioritized the features for roadmapping and release planning. To deliver fast and have a new mobile app on the market for the Coinmetro community as soon as possible, the first version of the new app was a wrapped version of the website in the form of mobile application that could smoothly be converted to native views and components with a better and mobile friendly UI/UX.

What were the results?

The new improved mobile app that was stable, intuitive and included more platform features, received a warm welcome from the Coinmetro users. Soon over half of new Coinmetro chose the mobile version to go through the identification verification process thanks to the smooth KYC process on mobile.

With migrating to Nest.js framework supported with documentation update, the backend code base got much more organised and scalable to support Coinmetro’s growth both team- and businesswise.

Mooncascade Work - Coinmetro
Mooncascade Work - Coinmetro
Mooncascade Work - Coinmetro

“Mooncascade is an exemplary partner to Coinmetro, allowing us to scale our technical delivery teams, building and releasing more software than ever to our rapidly growing clientbase. Through the hard work of the Mooncascade team I have continued to feel comfortable increasing our reliance on our fantastic partner and continue to do so. My belief is that the best is yet to come.”

Edward Prentice, CTO of Coinmetro

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