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5S Technologies is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) company with a mission of delivering trade digitalization solutions to labor market organizations through the ’ACE for Unions’ web and mobile app.

The Ace for Trade Unions App: Where It All Began

Like most digital technologies and solutions, the ‘ACE for Trade Unions’ app came into fruition because someone working directly within a pilot trade union office thought that there could be a more efficient way to do things using more modern tools.

Building A Business Case For Unions To Adopt Trade Digitalization

To be in a place of power in union-employer negotiations, trade unions need to capitalize on the real-world data they have in their hands. To apply this effectively, unions need to shift away from their heavily manual input processes and lean more on trade digitalization that includes digital technologies with logic-driven processes, automation, and possibly the use of artificial intelligence (AI)

Before the ACE for Unions web app was introduced, there were data pots overlooked and a lengthy process in place for submitting claims. The average amount of time spent in the initial processing of a labor union case ran up to 45 minutes, with one particular process taking up to 90 minutes to complete – even with the use of systems like emails, office suites, and computers in general.

Increase in productivity for union staff members up to


Hours recovered for union members over the initial 4-month period over


Creating A Custom Trade Digitalization Solutions For Unions

The 5S Technologies team led by their founder David Willard visited the pilot union offices to see first-hand what tools were being utilised and what pain points can be solved. After their hands-on review, 5S Technologies began to scope a tool based on forward-thinking digital technologies that can be both powerful and intuitive and can be used by the pilot trade union and its members to address automating manual processes, adding logic-driven capabilities based on straight-forward legal frameworks, and making data insights accessible to all.

Faced with a tight deadline, an under-staffed trade union partner, and low in-house developer resources, David and 5S Technologies chose to outsource the mobile app component of their trade digitalization solution.

Partnering with Mooncascade

5S Technologies needed a partner who did not need hand holding and could deliver the insights and solutions needed to bring the mobile app to life. Mooncascade made sure that their team’s set-up was able to match – and in places exceed – all of 5S Technologies’ expectations.

Mooncascade’s highly skilled team for the ACE for Trade Unions mobile app development project consisted of a project manager, a UX/UI developer, a QA specialist, and 1-2 developers; with 1 additional developer assigned to help the 5S Technologies development team on the web application.

What made Mooncascade stand out

Project Management

The level of open communication and confidence the Mooncascade project management team brought to the Ace for Trade Unions app gave 5S Technologies the peace of mind they need so they can focus on other essential parts of the whole project.

Skills & Experience

The Mooncascade team consisted of a project manager, a UX/UI developer, a QA specialist, and 1-2 developers; with 1 additional developer to help the 5S Technologies team on the web application.

Solutions Delivery

The Mooncascade team predicted challenges before they arose, communicated development hurdles clearly, and recommended solutions that fit within 5S Technologies’ web and mobile app expectations.

It really came down to professionalism in the initial engagement experience. [...] Mooncascade is so well put together and organized, it gave us a lot of confidence we’re making a good selection.

David Willard, CEO
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